UX | UXI Specification & Roadmap

This is a UXI refresh of several outdated and problematic sites into a cohesive suite of services using: - Common Look & Feel - Data Visualizations - User-Controlled Layout - Panel Navigation - Responsive Design - Smart Search

Main dashboard where users can control their own experience. Users can select and arrange content according to their need.
Embedded functions in the navigation put users one click away from any key action no matter where they are in the site.
Users can print or export charts, maps & graphs, and select from an extendable library of apps and widgets.
Chart Detail View: User can click into the interactive charts to drill into more detailed information, including breakdown, sparkline, and table data.
Table Details: From the chart view, more detail can be accessed.
Incident Detail View: The most specific view showing the details of an incident or record.

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